Industry is the entire infrastructure we use on a daily basis. Whether the buildings we live and work in, the products we use, the transportations we ride, and every other thing that contributes to our life

Drawing on TricomControls products, systems and technologies, we plan, develop and implement innovative and economical solutions for customers in the iron and steel, infrastructure, pulp and paper, and cement industries.

As one of the leading provider of systems and solutions for industrial plants, we’re profiting from growing worldwide demand to continually increase productivity and efficiency by modernizing systems and optimizing maintenance.

We provide comprehensive solutions and services for industrial plants. We also offer a broad portfolio of products that are enabling customers to reduce their environmental footprint and conserve natural resources.
Tricom Controls achieved another milestone as ENI Zubiar project confirmed our registration (march-2012)
Tricom Control Awarded ISO9001 & OHSAS 18001 certified by SGS
Tricom Controls awarded SIEMENS best system integrator
Tricom Controls awarded Neag1terminante surface facilities with Enppi
Tricom Controls awarded BMS Boiler management system 18boiler in diff factory in ESIIC
Tricom Controls awarded Mobile Power Distribution Station with BAPTCO
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